Lesson from Falls: Casinos are a gamble

From the Buffalo News: Cha-ching! That was the jubilant sound from across the state last week as politicians began counting up casino cash they hope will soon roll in. The Catskills rejoiced at hitting the jackpot. The Southern Tier was shocked to lose out, and struggling Atlantic City breathed a sigh of relief that New…

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Indoor waterparks are the perfect way to warm up on a cold winter day

From the Buffalo News: Brrr … it’s cold outside, so put on your bathing suit and head for the water. No, I don’t mean outside, I mean head to one of several indoor waterparks that are an easy drive from Buffalo. While all of these waterparks are open year-round, they are especially fun as a…

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World’s Worst Tourist Destinations

For some reason, the International Business Times thinks that Niagara Falls is one of the worst places to visit: Niagara Falls (Canada – U.S.A border) There was a time when the Niagara Falls was considered to be among the most romantic destinations in the world. However, along with the rapid growth in the tourism infrastructure…

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