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    Niagara Getting Some Winter Love from Pittsburgh


    Niagara Falls KDKA news segmentClick the photo or link below to view to a great local (well… if you’re from Pittsburgh) news segment/article about Niagara Falls in the winter.  Like the reporter who put together this piece, Niagara Falls is a place I have visited with my family and friends many times over the years.  After viewing it, I called my mom who I knew had also watched it. We agreed that it felt like he was talking about our hometown!

    The only problem I have with the segment is that David Highfield “outed” our favorite breakfast spot – Falls Manor.  He calls it out for the price – but it is also the best breakfast in town (but I would have liked to keep that our little secret!)

    Anyway, he did a nice job speaking about our “hometown”.  Happy viewing!


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