Nexus Use on the Rise

From the Niagara Falls Review:

Border crossings in Niagara using Nexus now account for 12% of all bridge traffic according to the local bridge authorities.

The agencies that manage the four bridges in the region put out a press release Tuesday saying a campaign to get more Nexus users in the first half of 2012 was a success.

According to traffic data collected from the Lewiston-Queenston, Whirlpool, Rainbow and Peace bridges from January until June, 675,000 crossings were made using Nexus. That’s up from 550,000 over the same time in 2011.

“These are very positive numbers and it speaks to all the outreach we’ve been doing,” said Matthew Davidson, the director of communications for the Buffalo and Fort Erie Public Bridge Authority. “I think it shows there’s a growing appetite for Nexus membership in our region both on the Canadian and American side of the border.”

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