The Dudesons coming to Niagara Falls; GUMBALL 3000, New York to L.A. Celebrity Car Rally

This is a press release that is dated on Friday for an event happening the same day. If they wanted to get more publicity, they probably should have given people more notice that celebrities were going to be around. For those that don’t know, GUMBALL 3000 is a car rally. I know this is late, but I didn’t even see the press release until Saturday when the event was over.

Attracting ‘rock stars’ to ‘royalty’, the entry grid of over 100 amazing cars and 200 celebrity participants in this year’s New York to L.A. Gumball 3000 Rally is nothing short of spectacular. 100 of the world’s most beautiful, expensive, desirable, classic, eco and extravagant automobiles will converge on the Skylon Tower at 7pm, Friday, May 25 along with 200 celebrity participants flying in from over 40 countries to take part in this exclusive rally.

This year’s track is from New York to Los Angeles, 7 days, 2 countries, 12 states and 3000 miles of adventure and celebrity glitz. From Hollywood icons and superstars including the hilarious high jinx and fueled mayhem of the Dudesons, David ‘The Hoff’ Hasselhoff to music legends Eve, Bun B, Cypress Hill’s DJ Muggs, and Dirty Sanchez to skateboard god Tony Hawk – Gumball is coming to the Skylon Tower, Niagara Falls on Friday May 25 at 7pm. Along also are Yasmin, Nigel Sylvester, Terry Kennedy, Jon Olsson, Madcon and many more notables.

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