Blue Moose Mining Company on Clifton Hill

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    Have you ever seen those little attractions, usually as part of another attraction where kids can “pan” for gold, gems, whatever? My kids did one of those at the T-Rex Cafe at Downtown Disney in Orlando a couple of years ago. Well, one of those same sorts of attractions has come to Clifton Hill, courtesy of Niagara Clifton Group. They have a gift shop called Blue Moose Trading Company. Earlier this spring they built the Blue Moose Mining Company.

    You can choose to pan for a variety of things including gems and fossils. You pick out what appears to be a bag of dirt, but that has some things hidden in it. You empty the dirt into a panning tray and then you gently shake it/rinse it in the water. As the dirt washes away, you are left with whatever it is you are panning for.

    I don’t know how business is going for them, but it seems like a good quality attraction for the kids. As I said, they did something just like this in Orlando, and they kids loved it (they still have their gems 2 years later).

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