4 Responses to “New Outback Steakhouse on Victoria Ave almost ready to open”

      • The space had a variety of different restaurants there (Italian, Chinese, kosher, etc) and nothing worked. Now that it is an Outback Steakhouse, I assume it will stay this for a while.

    1. But, alas, this is just another American chain restaurant that it not for locals because of the outrageous prices (you know they are because they don’t post them online). They’re only interested in getting unsuspecting tourists just that one time, knowing that they won’t be back anyways.
      There is presently a discussion on Tripadvisor about how Niagara Falls, ON restaurants have the most ridiculous prices of any place in North America, that they are blatant ripoffs, etc. It’s very sad that every word is true. I wonder how many prospective visitors, who rely on Tripadvisor for researching a possible trip to NF (which is probably a vast majority), read these things and decide to skip us altogether? But it obviously works for the owners – as long as they get the one time tourist buck, nothing else matters.

    2. I agree with Drafty it’s very sad that this takes place in our city!

      What would happen if we demanded our local politicians create bylaws that all branded/chain restaurants have to set their prices no higher than the national average for their respective brand/chain? Or even at the very most no more than a 10% markup?

      Is this even possible and would the politicians even try to do something like this if it is? Their jobs afterall are dependant on our vote I would love to make this an election issue because it would be beneficial to the tourists wallets and we can win back some good reputation but most importantly us locals won’t get raped everytime we would like to go out to eat!

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