Outback Steakhouse coming to Victoria Avenue

I’ve posted before about how one of the restaurants in the strip mall on Victoria Ave keeps changing names and re-opening. Well, it seems that the latest incarnation will be more permanent. Outback Steakhouse is going in that space.

12 thoughts on “Outback Steakhouse coming to Victoria Avenue

  1. I sure hope you don’t mean the business
    that used to be a breakfast buffet changed ownership and now is an outback steakhouse?

  2. I don’t know exactly where you’re thinking Tom. This is a restaurant almost beside TGI Fridays in the same strip, across from Howard Johnson’s. It has been several different things over the years.

  3. I’m surprised a second Outback is opening. From what I remember Outback pulled all of their locations out just a few years back.

  4. We have so much overlap of chain restaurants in this city (How many Ihops do we need?) yet there are so many better restaurants out there that we don’t yet have in this city such as Jack Astors, St.Hubert, Crabby Joes, Pickle Barrel, White Spot, Tucker’s Marketplace, Olive Garden & Cheesecake Factory to name a few.

  5. It wouldn’t really matter if any of those places opened here StEC. You know that they would be located in the tourist areas and have grossly inflated prices, so none of us locals could/would eat there anyways.

  6. LOL that is true! Funny though… I was just told today that some of the restaurants offer “local” rates like Applebee’s for example you just need to mention to them and be ready to show proof of address and you get a discount! Hope this is true, I’m just gonna start asking at every restaurant I go to here in the Falls lol!?

  7. Yeah, I know that a few places offer a 10-15% local discount, but when the prices are 50%,or more, than anywhere else, it still doesn’t make them very attractive.

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