Untangling Maid of the Mist lease

From the Buffalo News: The low point of the Maid of the Mist Steamboat Co.’s century-old existence undoubtedly took place last month, when Canadian officials selected a California company to replace it on the Canadian shore. But for the local company that grew itself into an iconic international tourism brand, the pain may not be…

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Busytown Busy at the Scotiabank Convention Centre

As I mentioned before, I had the opportunity to go see the Busytown Busy stage show on Friday evening. This is based on the Richard Scarry characters Huckle Cat, Sally Cat, Hilda Hippo, Lowly Worm, Pig Will & Pig Won’t, Goldbug, Sgt Murphy, and more. The show was to start at about 6:30 pm, so…

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My first trip to the Scotiabank Convention Centre

The Scotiabank Convention Centre has been open just short of a year now, and on Friday night I had the opportunity to go for the first time. We went to see the Busytown Busy show with our kids. I’ll write about that later, but for now, here are a few thoughts. The convention centre is…

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