More articles about “historic first photo” of Niagara Falls

If you’ve been hanging around the Niagara Falls Blog for a while, then you might remember that on April 18, 2006 I posted something called “Oldest picture of Niagara Falls?“. I included some links to the Newcastle University Special Collections where there were some old photos of Niagara Falls. The links don’t work anymore, but…

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Nice photos of Niagara Falls in Autumn 2010

Yesterday I walked along the Niagara Parkway next to the Falls and in Queen Victoria Park. I took a bunch of pictures. It was overcast, so the sky doesn’t look great, but the colours of the leaves look good. I should have probably taken these a couple of weeks ago to get some more leaves…

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From Frightening to Fun, Niagara Events Have It All This Halloween

From a PRWeb press release seen on Yahoo! News: Halloween is not for the faint of heart in Niagara Falls with ghoulish Niagara events all around the popular districts of Clifton Hill, Fallsview Boulevard and Lundy’s Lane. Clifton Hill is the destination for family fun on Halloween with attractions such as the House of Frankenstein,…

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