You are a 53 Floors Contest Winner!

On Monday I received an email from the Hilton about the 53 Floors contest. Apparently I won a $5 voucher for Romano’s Macaroni Grill. Based on previous comments (not my own), it’s either going to be really expensive, awesome, or terrible (don’t you love blog comments?!).


2 thoughts on “You are a 53 Floors Contest Winner!

  1. Hi, Graham!

    I got a $10.00 Gift Voucher…….haven’t received it yet!

    I pay no attention to “terrible” reviews unless there are many. There are those out there with entirely too much time on their hands and submit stuff like that thinking it’s a fun thing to do!!!

  2. I heard lots of complaints in the beginning but I hear nothing but good things about the Macaroni Grill now! I can tell you first hand though that Brasa is AMAZING and a must try!!!!

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