Titanic Experience on Clifton Hill


    As they announced via their Clifton Hill Resorts Update survey, HOCO Limited is planning a Titanic-related attraction on Clifton Hill. As another commenter noted, there is a Titanic attraction in Branson, Missouri and based on some of the pictures in the survey, it appears that this is the same sort of attraction. A quick search of the Internet shows that people are generally quite impressed with the Branson attraction. The only complain seemed to be about the price (more on that later).

    The survey asked some general question about your history coming to Niagara Falls, and then presented a variety of images that showed some pictures and described the potential attraction. I took screenshots of the pictures:

    HOCO always does a great job with their attractions, so I’m sure that this one will be equally good. Someone left a comment wondering what the Titanic had to do with Niagara Falls and someone responded that it had nothing to do with Niagara Falls, but nothing else on Clifton Hill does either. I agree. If everything in Niagara Falls had to do with Niagara Falls, people would get bored. Ultimately they are looking for good-quality family attractions. I’d also guess that the Titanic doesn’t have much of a connection to Branson either, but the attraction does well there.

    As I mentioned earlier, the biggest complaint out there seems to be about the price. The individual cost for an adult is in the range of $20. That does seem rather pricey. However, HOCO already has plans to integrate this with their Fun Pass.

    I’ve always thought the Fun Pass is the best value on Clifton Hill. If you plan on going on the SkyWheel and just do one other thing, then it’s a no-brainer. The plan right now is to increase the price of the Fun Pass by $10 to include the Titanic attraction. That seems quite reasonable.

    As has been noted in other comments, HOCO isn’t taking down the Quality Inn yet, so it’ll be at least a year before this attraction is even started. There is no indication yet if this will be the next development, or what other plans there are. The question is, does this fit in with HOCO’s future amusement park plans? They haven’t said for sure, but it seems doubtful.

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