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    Niagara Falls calls and you can follow in Marilyn Monroe’s footsteps by taking a tower trip for awesome views

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    From the Sun (UK):

    NOTHING can prepare you for the power and majesty of Niagara Falls.

    I’d wanted to see them since a relative had brought me back a souvenir snowglobe when I was a kid.

    I wouldn’t get to see them in all their deafening glory until more than 30 years later — but it was worth the wait.

    Best of Access Niagara – My visits to Canyon Creek Chophouse


    This is a continuation of my “Best of Access Niagara” series. This series looks back on popular posts, highly commented posts, my favourite places, etc.

    It looks like my first mention of Canyon Creek Chophouse was in April 2007 as a result of a newsletter from the city talking about how they had opened. To tell you the truth, I had never set foot in either Casino before, and had no idea there was a big shopping area inside the Fallsview Casino. I had heard about the buffet, but I assumed everything was connected to the gaming floor somehow.

    Anyway, at some point I was contacted by someone who worked there and they offered me a complimentary meal in exchange for writing about the restaurant. I took my family there (5 of us) and had an amazing dinner. It was so good, that my wife and I continued to go for many years (and we paid our own way!). Whenever someone would ask me about a good restaurant in the area, I would always tell them about Canyon Creek Chophouse.

    The restaurant is situated right up against the windows on the back side of the Fallsview Casino building, so you get a great view of the Falls.

    The menu has changed quite a bit. We went a year or two ago, and they didn’t have the same items, and we were both really disappointed. We tried a couple of other things, and just didn’t care for them. I’m sure it is still a popular restaurant, but it’s not really one that we’ll go back to again.

    Here is a post I put up about an anniversary dinner I had there with my wife.

    My anniversary dinner at Canyon Creek Chophouse

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    New Year’s concertgoers stompa their feet

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    From Niagara Falls Review:

    For High Valley singer Brad Rempel, it was a far cry from his last visit to Niagara Falls.

    Before hitting the stage at Queen Victoria Park on New Year’s Eve, he recalled being so broke he stayed in a dingy hotel room that didn’t have a phone or TV, “ and had knife stab marks in the door to the bathroom.”

    This time? While walking around the Falls with his family he came across a poster of himself: “That was cool.”

    Midway through the band’s set, he soaked it all in. “This is easily the best view from the stage we’ve ever had.”

    Summer Romance In Niagara Falls

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    Last week I received the latest email newsletter from the Falls Avenue Resort.


    Falls tourists talk about being forced to change travel plans

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    From the Niagara Gazette:

    Many visitors to the Niagara Falls State Park Wednesday definitely had mixed emotions about their travel plans.

    They were thrilled to view the falls — even with a large section of the Prospect Point viewing area fenced off for remedial work— but disappointed that they would have to skip visits to other destinations due to the federal government shutdown. The name of the game, or so it seemed, was to change on the fly.

    Up To 30% Off Your Next Stay

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    Last week I received the latest email newsletter from the Hilton Niagara Falls Fallsview Hotel and Suites.


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