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    Failed land purchase adds more delays to speedway project

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    From Niagara This Week:

    The long-delayed Canadian Motor Speedway appears to have hit yet another snag on the road to development, but those behind the project remain tight-lipped about any further setbacks. Three key properties which must be purchased before a building permit can be issued remain out of the hands of the developers, and according to sources, contract negotiations with the landowners have broken off.

    The first firm construction timeline given by the CMS developers came shortly after their successful Ontario Municipal Board trial in 2013. At that time, the developers said groundbreaking would begin in “late 2014” and the track would be “race-ready in 2016.” Numerous updated timelines for construction were offered in the ensuing years, all of which have come and gone without any shovels hitting the ground. Although some preliminary work was done two years ago on nearby land, no progress has been made on the track itself.

    The reason those shovels have yet to hit the ground is because the developers of the speedway have yet to purchase the necessary ground with which to put those shovels into.

    Time to get the job done in 2014, Diodati says

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    From Niagara This Week:

    While 2013 represented a year of possibilities for the city, Mayor Jim Diodati said 2014 would be focused on getting the job done on numerous fronts.

    “It was a great year,” Diodati said in a year-end interview with Niagara this Week. “We’ve moved the ball forward in some big areas.”

    Sounding more like car dealer Billy — “It’s gonna be huuuuuuuuuge” — Fucillo, Diodati was very excited about the past year. In fact, that word “huge” cropped up a lot when Diodati was talking about the events of 2013.

    Still time to Sleep Cheap

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    From Niagara This Week:

    There’s still time to book a hotel room in Niagara Falls and help out local charities at the same time.

    Rooms are still available at many of the hotels participating. A full list can be viewed at www.sleepcheapcharitiesreap.com. Rooms are available between Sunday, Nov. 10 and Thursday, Nov. 14. Additional discount offers are available for other attractions including the Greg Frewin Theatre and the Bird Kingdom Aviary.

    Room rates range from $35 per night for a standard room, $45 to $85 for a room with access to a waterpark.

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