Top 10 names in mining

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    Surprisingly this article from the Sudbury Star talks about Harry Oakes but doesn’t mention at all his time in Niagara Falls or his contributions to the city, and the many locations that are named after him. For those who don’t know, Harry Oakes is connected to Oakes Garden Theatre (at the foot of Clifton Hill), Oak Hall (the Niagara Parks Commission headquarters), and the HOCO property on Clifton Hill.

    Canada is one of the great mining countries in the world. With the second-largest land mass and an entrepreneurial junior and senior mining culture – Toronto is the mine financing capital of the world for a reason – the mineral sector has been an integral part of this country’s history.

    Next year Canada is celebrating the 150th anniversary of the signing of confederation, when a number of widely scattered British colonies joined forces to avoid being swallowed up by the expanding American giant to the south. Since the mainstream media largely ignores the enormous contributions of the mineral sector, it was time to highlight the top 10 movers and shakers in mining.

    The list is only focused on mine builders not mine finders…

    No. 10: The Golden Boys – Noah Timmins (Hollinger) and Harry Oakes (Lakeshore)

    Sharing the 10th spot on the list is Noah Timmins and Harry Oakes, well-known mine builders in the Timmins and Kirkland Lake camps, respectively…

    American-born and well-known for his cantankerous personality, Harry Oakes played an instrumental role in transforming Kirkland Lake into one of the world’s most significant gold camps…

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