No TV for Falls New Year’s Eve once again

From Niagara This Week:

Despite interest from a pair of broadcast outlets to televise the annual New Year’s Eve celebration, no cameras will be rolling when a variety of musical acts hit the stage at Queen Victoria Park on Dec. 31.

“There was interest from two broadcasters,” Mayor Jim Diodati said. “The discussions were going quite well, but in the end they had to make a financial decision.”

He said to mount a show like the one featuring Keith Urban to close out 2014 would cost between $2 and $3 million to produce, and the funds simply aren’t there.

“Certain acts need a certain level of production,” Diodati said. “Talent is not cheap.”

Tourism operators were reluctant to add any more money to the pot, Diodati said.

“I empathize with the tourism operators,” he said. “On New Year’s Eve they’re already full. You can’t create more rooms. When you’re full, you’re full.”

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