Sleep Cheap a success

From the Niagara Falls Review: More than $168,000 was raised for local charities during the annual Sleep Cheap Charities Reap campaign. Participating Niagara Falls hotels and attractions raised $168,789 for 20 charities, including the Brain Injury Association of Niagara, the Salvation Army and the Learning Disabilities Association of Niagara Region.

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GO in Niagara gets budget mention

From the Niagara Falls Review: GO Transit expansion to Niagara had a notable mention in Thursday’s provincial budget. It cited an extension of GO rail service to Niagara and Bowmanville as the “next generation of infrastructure investments” for the province as it works with stakeholders. It would also be subject to agreements with freight rail…

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Niagara Oscar winner made Superman fly

From the Niagara Falls Review: In a way, Colin Chilvers owes his Oscar-winning film career to a pipe that wouldn’t explode… Within a decade, Chilvers faced a much more difficult task as the special effects supervisor on Superman: The Movie. For the film to work, Christopher Reeve’s Superman had to appear to actually fly. In…

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