Not worth the risk

From the Buffalo News:

We understand Nik Wallenda’s desire to wire walk across Niagara Falls without a tether. We really do. The thrill of performing and watching a death-defying stunt becomes a bit less thrilling when it’s not actually “death defying” because the daredevil is basically dragging a leash to keep him from accidentally plummeting to his death.

And after all, this is Niagara Falls, the daredevil capital where plenty of other men and women have risked—and sometimes lost—life and limb in their bid against nature. Wallenda’s desire to follow in their footsteps and also honor his family legacy is perfectly understandable.

But in this case, Wallenda’s walk is not just about him. It’s become a huge promotional event that includes live network news coverage on ABC, national sponsorships and local vendors who are heavily invested in Wallenda making it across the falls in one piece.

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