Wyndham Garden almost open, will have Perkins Restaurant


    The fencing is down from around the new Wyndham Garden on Stanley Avenue and grass has been put down. It looks like the outside is virtually done. I wonder what is is like inside.

    Apparently the restaurant at the hotel is going to be a Perkins.

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    1. They did an excellent job on this transformation. It looks nothing at all like its ‘plain Jane’ former self.

    2. Hey Graham,

      Maybe when this is done you can do a photo comparison of the old hotel and the new.

    3. I hope that means now no more Stanley Motor Inn? That place was a real dump.

      I even called the toll free number and got alot of questions not answered. All they can tell you is what is on the website and the reservation price.

      I was offered the hotel main number but im not going to bother with that.

      Plus was told they’re on expedia and other sites but so far i dont see them on any site for reservations other then calling the hotel yourself or the toll free number.

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