Battle Ground Hotel offers taste of early tourism

From the Niagara Falls Review:

Access to mass transportation in the middle 1800s created new industries and introduced destinations such as Niagara Falls to the masses.

Railroad networks provided easier access to the wonders of North America and Niagara Falls was one of the major must see attractions, just as it is today.

At this time, people were also seeking out the historical points of interest in the region. Survivors from the War of 1812 could be found throughout the region, providing first hand accounts of the battles.

In Niagara Falls, competition for these tourists was fierce. The battleground at Lundy’s Lane is the highest point in the city, so it also provided one of the best views away from the Falls. To take advantage of that, inns and taverns opened up in the area based on the proximity to the battlefield and tourism promoters also created towers to overlook the battlefield and the surroundings.

Built in the 1820s, Adam Fralick modified his home and reopened it as the Battle Ground Hotel — a tavern and early tourist destination.

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