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    Marineland confirms walrus death, two deer killed in opening day stampede

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    From CTVNews.ca:

    Controversial Canadian waterpark Marineland has announced the death of one of its walruses, days after “demonstrators” were blamed for causing a stampede that led to the deaths of two deer.

    The tourist attraction in Niagara Falls, Ont. announced Apollo’s death on Tuesday, confirming the 18-year-old animal died of a heart attack in late April.

    Niagara Falls continues to grow as tourist destination

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    From Buffalo Business First (sometimes the article shows up free, sometimes you need a paid subscription):

    On a sunny spring afternoon, Asian tourists climbed off a bus in the Fallsview District of Niagara Falls and made their way toward the iconic waterfalls, many with cameras in hand.

    Those who didn’t immediately head to a nearby overview were busy taking selfies near the Fallsview Casino.

    Those 40 tourists are symbolic of the more than 14 million people a year who visit Niagara Falls, Ontario. They come not only for the dramatic views but for a growing list of attractions.

    Lesson from Falls: Casinos are a gamble

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    From the Buffalo News:

    Cha-ching! That was the jubilant sound from across the state last week as politicians began counting up casino cash they hope will soon roll in. The Catskills rejoiced at hitting the jackpot. The Southern Tier was shocked to lose out, and struggling Atlantic City breathed a sigh of relief that New York’s three newest casinos won’t be nearer.

    But here’s a hard-luck tale that might make newly anointed casino towns think twice before counting their winnings. It begins with the same hopes for new jobs, boatloads of cash and an opportunity to rewrite the future. It ends, at least for now, with a city still struggling to pay its bills and more reliant on gambling dollars than ever.

    It was December 2002, and the doors of the Seneca Niagara Casino were just about to open. The City of Niagara Falls was a tattered tourist destination with a world-class waterfall, a place with as many vacant storefronts as memories of the way things once were. The casino, residents were told, would bring the jobs, construction and city revenue they had been chasing in failed development deals for years.

    But there were already signs the fine print wasn’t as good a deal as it could have been for the Falls.

    Wonder Falls Expected to Boost Tourism and New Development in Niagara Falls

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    From Time Warner Cable News (includes video):

    Officials said Monday that the Wonder Falls project, the planned transformation the former Rainbow Centre Mall in Niagara Falls into a resort and tourist desination, could be the start of a new era for the city.

    Wonder Falls will include a 15-story hotel, an indoor waterpark, retail, restaurants, and a daredevil museum.

    Niagara Falls, CN Tower among landmarks to announce royal birth

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    From CTV News:

    The birth of the royal baby isn’t just a major affair for Brits. Commonwealth countries like Canada and New Zealand will also fete the arrival of the littlest heir at major landmarks such as Niagara Falls and the Kiwi Sky tower.

    In Toronto, Canada, the public will learn about the sex of the baby right away when they turn towards the skyline and see the CN Tower light up blue, for boy, and pink, for a girl. The grand announcement will flash for eight minutes.

    Another major Canadian tourist destination, Niagara Falls, will do the same, letting visitors know about the baby’s arrival by throwing a light show in blue or pink.

    TOP 10: No. 4 — Several area hotels get great news in 2011

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    The Niagara Gazette is going through their list of top 10 stories of the year. I’m sure many of them are working linking to, but I’ll post this one, and then you can follow links on that page to other articles.

    The calendar year has been anything but vanilla for the hotel industry in Niagara Falls.

    While the area received praise as a most popular tourist destination in two separate national magazines, four hotels either changed ownership or received major renovations in 2011…

    NPC buying Cullen Miniature Village for $100k

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    From the Niagara Falls Review:

    First a carousel, now a miniature Ferris wheel.

    The Niagara Parks Commission will be the proud new owner of a three-foot-tall wooden Ferris wheel, part of a 180-piece miniature village collection it is buying for $113,000. The Cullen Miniature Village, once a popular tourist destination in Whitby, will be restored and set up on parks commission land, now that the NPC’s offer to buy the collection has been accepted.

    The City of Oshawa, which bought the collection in a controversial $239,000 deal from the Cullen family in 2007, unanimously voted to accept the commission’s offer during a special committee meeting Thursday. That decision is expected to be approved by the full council Monday night.

    “These councillors just wanted this done with,” Oshawa director of finance services Chris Brown said Thursday. “They would have loved to get (the full purchase price) back, but the market is what it is, so I think they’ll endorse this Monday night.”

    A Timeline of Tragedy at Niagara Falls

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    From Yahoo! News:

    Niagara Falls is a quintessentially North American phenomenon. Situated at the border between America and Canada, the roaring force of nature has captured the imagination of those who visit for centuries. Actually a collection of three falls, they are dramatic but can bring the reckless side out of tourists and daredevils.

    The latest victim went over Sunday, when a 19-year-old student visiting from Toronto lost her footing while climbing on a safety railing, plunged to the water below, then was swept over the falls. Following is a timeline of some of the other tragic events linked to the famous tourist destination.

    Canada’s newest convention hot spot

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    From Business Link Niagara:

    Canada’s Honeymoon City has long been known as a tourist destination. Anchored by the iconic Niagara Falls itself, a thriving hospitality and attractions sector has become the face of the city.

    That isn’t going away, but Niagara Falls is taking big strides to go beyond the bright lights to position itself as one of Canada’s top destinations for conventions, conferences and trade shows.

    “Tourism is very much driven by the seasons, but conventions and business travellers will make Niagara Falls a year-round destination,” says Anthony Annunziata, Vice-President of Marketing at the Marriott Gateway on the Falls . “Niagara Falls has a premier facility for large corporate gatherings, with all the amenities to keep your employees, delegates and clients happy when not on the convention floor.”

    Battle Ground Hotel offers taste of early tourism

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    From the Niagara Falls Review:

    Access to mass transportation in the middle 1800s created new industries and introduced destinations such as Niagara Falls to the masses.

    Railroad networks provided easier access to the wonders of North America and Niagara Falls was one of the major must see attractions, just as it is today.

    At this time, people were also seeking out the historical points of interest in the region. Survivors from the War of 1812 could be found throughout the region, providing first hand accounts of the battles.

    In Niagara Falls, competition for these tourists was fierce. The battleground at Lundy’s Lane is the highest point in the city, so it also provided one of the best views away from the Falls. To take advantage of that, inns and taverns opened up in the area based on the proximity to the battlefield and tourism promoters also created towers to overlook the battlefield and the surroundings.

    Built in the 1820s, Adam Fralick modified his home and reopened it as the Battle Ground Hotel — a tavern and early tourist destination.

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