Some of the dinosaurs at Dinosaur Adventure Golf


    Dinosaur Adventure Golf on Clifton Hill (behind the Niagara SkyWheel) finally opened up this past weekend. It looks like only one of the two 18-hole courses is ready, but the place seems pretty busy. I took a few pictures yesterday of some of the dinosaurs. You see people all the time stopped at various points around the course taking pictures. The dinosaurs look fantastic!

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    1. Can you take photos without playing? Or maybe only a few are in photo view. No offence but mini putt bores me after 3-4 holes.

      • All of the photos I took were from outside the course. I haven’t been in to play it yet. You can definitely get some great shots from outside the course. If you want your picture taken with a dinosaur, there are a few by the edge of the course that would probably be ok to take pictures with, but otherwise you’d need to be on the course.

    2. I remember the Dinosaur Golf back when it was in its original spot. Can’t wait to see the difference. I wonder what HOCO has planned for the next project.

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