Scotiabank Convention Centre big hit with visitors

From the Niagara Falls Review:

Pretty impressive.

That’s what most people were saying on the weekend after getting their first opportunity to tour the new $100-million Scotiabank Convention Centre on Stanley Ave., near Dunn St., in Niagara Falls.

The biggest headache for most drivers was getting stuck in long lines of traffic just making their way to the centre, and then trying to find a parking spot.

On Saturday afternoon, there were times when cars were backed up on Stanley Ave., all the way to Ferry St., and it wasn’t much better for those coming from the south end at McLeod Rd.

3 thoughts on “Scotiabank Convention Centre big hit with visitors

  1. Yes the only problem with this amazing & beautiful new convention center is the pathetic parking! Why on earth a facility that can fit almost 18,000 people only has parking for 900??? They need to build a parking garage to fix this problem!

  2. Oh yeah that very well could be a parking garage. I wonder if they are testing out the current parking to see just how much complaints they get before they address it?

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