Robert Moses Parkway changes appear unlikely anytime soon

From the Buffalo News:

With the summer tourist season fast approaching, the controversial Robert Moses Parkway between Niagara Falls and Lewiston appears likely to remain unchanged for the immediate future.

The city’s Tourism Advisory Board has endorsed dismantling that section of the parkway, a committee chairman said last week.

But the state Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation, the lead agency in planning the parkway’s future, still is gathering ideas and residents’ suggestions for what should be done with the roadway.

The Parsons Group, a consulting company, has been retained to present four alternatives but not a specific recommendation.

One thought on “Robert Moses Parkway changes appear unlikely anytime soon

  1. August 16th, 2011

    To Whom It May Concern:

    I am trying to find out who is responsible for the repairs of overhead lighting along the Niagara section of the Robert Moses Parkway. Overhead lights are burnt out and have been for almost a year now, on the on and off ramps as you try to exit from Grand Island to Buffalo Avenue, or onto the Robert Moses from RT.384, or Buffalo Avenue.

    Overhead lights are a necessity at these intersections as both the exits from Grand Island and the entrance onto the parkway are out. Over the last little while now at night, I’ve witnessed some close calls as people miss the on ramp in the darkness, or try to enter to the off ramp where these overhead street lights are burnt out.

    I am not sure if this is a city of Niagara Falls NY or a NY State Park related problem. I’m not sure who to contact so I’m hoping maybe you can pass this on to the proper parties. If you drive down to the entrance way off of Buffalo Avenue, you’ll see the burnt out lights sitting on the ramps. I feel that if no one ever relates these things to others, then how do we get them repaired?

    Hoping we can get this resolved before someone gets hurt there.


    Rick Hall

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