Massimo Capra falls for Niagara

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    From the Toronto Star:

    Massimo Capra is not a gambling man, but he’s betting his reputation that this tourist town wants better food.

    The flamboyant Toronto chef and television personality has lent his name, recipes, kitchen wizardry and mustachioed mug to the Crowne Plaza for Massimo Capra’s Rainbow Room Fallsview Restaurant.

    “I want to be the first one to put a name on a good restaurant in Niagara Falls,” Capra told those gathered Friday night for a gala to celebrate the rebranded restaurant.

    “You can only imagine how fantastic this can be.”

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    1. ” AG Inspired Cuisine in the Sterling Inn & Spa is widely considered the city’s best-kept secret.
      It flies so far under the radar that Capra hasn’t heard of the boutique hotel or its Niagara-inspired menu, but promised to check it out.”

      This man sounds like a pompous ass. He’s going to rescue Niagara Falls from it’s squaller by introducing fine cuisine to the city, and yet has never bothered to see what’s already. Sounds very much like ‘give me money and you can use my name’.

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