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A couple of random Niagara Falls articles

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I get Google Alerts for things that pertain to Niagara Falls. Neither of these stories are particularly tourism-related, but were still interesting, so I figured I’d share them…

Niagara Gazette – A daughter’s journey: Minnesota woman’s trek to Niagara Falls turns up gift of family she never knew

Pam Edwards, a native of Grand Rapids, Minnesota, found answers she was seeking about her dead father when a friend used Ancestry.com to help her find uncles and extended family in the Niagara Region.

Toronto Star – What I learned on my long, lovely limp along the Trans Canada Trail

I walked the paved path through Queenston Heights along the edge of the gorge that drops to the frothing Niagara River. On this side was the Canada that Brock and his troops helped preserve; on the other was our leviathan neighbour.

Niagara aquarium expands to protect threatened penguins

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From the Toronto Star:

A Niagara Falls aquarium is expanding so it can breed and protect the threatened Humboldt penguin. Read More…

Five things a newcomer to Canada should try

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From the Toronto Star:

Since its inception in 1867, Canada has welcomed newcomers from all walks of life, although perhaps less enthusiastically in recent years.

As millions prepare to celebrate the country’s July 1 birthday, here are some things that immigrants and visitors have to try while in the great white north…

4. Visit Niagara Falls
It’s pretty special. Give the tourist trap souvenir shops and CN Tower imitation a miss, though.

Canadian daredevils climb up ice-covered Horseshoe Falls

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From the Toronto Star:

The thunder of the waterfall roared in his bones, but Will Gadd kept climbing.

Moments later, along with Sarah Hueniken, who followed him up, Gadd completed the first-ever ice climb of Niagara Falls, a feat that earned the champion climbers praise and attention from around the world.

“This is absolutely the highlight of my career to date … This is history from a straight-up climbers’ perspective,” Gadd, 47, told the Star in a phone interview Friday, three days after the 46-metre climb up the frozen spray on the east side of the fabled Horseshoe Falls.

“It is the most well-known and wildest and largest (by volume of water) waterfall in the world. As an ice climber, it doesn’t really get any bigger than that, you know? I’m pretty psyched on that one.”

How Marineland Is Using the Law to Silence Protestors

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From the Huffington Post:

Even if you don’t care about beluga whales or how animals are treated in captivity, you may still be interested in what’s happening at Marineland. In this age of widespread protest — from the Occupy Movement to the QuĂ©bec student protests to the Arab Spring — Marineland reminds us that it is not just governments that may seek to silence their critics.

Marineland, a marine mammal park in Niagara Falls, Ontario, was the subject of an investigative series by the Toronto Star last year. The series was based in part on allegations by former employees, of abuse and mistreatment of animals. Marineland has denied and responded to the allegations, and is suing the Star as well as several of the former employees. Marineland has also set its sights on protesters and activists who demonstrate outside the park — launching lawsuits against at least two protestors — and has gone to Ontario courts for injunctions to order that protestors refrain from certain activities.

Marineland: The story so far

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From the Toronto Star (includes a video):

On the one-year anniversary of the Star’s Marineland investigation, reporter Linda Diebel discusses the story so far — from the whistleblowers, to the government response, to the lawsuits.

Canada simply gives up competing for the American tourist

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This isn’t directly Niagara Falls related, but in the tourism industry we definitely know what the article is talking about. We just don’t get the US visitors we used to.

From the Toronto Star:

Ottawa no longer wants to waste time and money trying to lure American tourists to the land of moose, mountains and Mounties.
According to a new report, the U.S. has become one of Canada’s poorest performing tourism markets, and this country isn’t getting full value from expensive marketing campaigns aimed south of the border.
U.S. visitors spent, on average, only $518 per trip to Canada last year, the lowest amount spent by an international visitor group. It was the third straight year of declines. By contrast, tourists from Brazil spent an average of $1,874 per trip.
The Canadian Tourism Commission, in its 2012 annual report, released last week, describes its strategic plan to stop promoting Canada in poorly performing markets such as the U.S.

OSPCA chair details 7 orders issued against Marineland

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From the Toronto Star:

The chair of the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals says Marineland complied with four OSPCA orders to fix problems and is working on three other orders, including improving its water system.

“The water is a big issue because we concern ourselves with any animals’ environment,” Rob Godfrey said. He added the order about water is “a clear sign that the water quality for those marine mammals is not up to par.”

Marineland denies the OSPCA has issued an order regarding its water system and says its “animals, young and old, continue to receive excellent care and medical treatment.”

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