No news on Sleep Cheap 2010 yet

I’ve had numerous people email me asking when Sleep Cheap 2010 is going to be. I haven’t received any information, but I would assume the information would be released soon. Looking back on last year, at the beginning of October they were accepting applications from local charities, and then things were announced on Oct 23. In 2008 it was on Oct 17. Obviously we’ll find out very soon when the dates will be for 2010…

10 thoughts on “No news on Sleep Cheap 2010 yet

  1. Can I get on a list (if you have one) where I can find out about sleep cheap 2010.
    Also, does Niagara Falls still do the day where the museums, etc are $1 for locals? do you know when that is approximately or how I would find out about it.
    Thanks so much

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