Reconsider trolleys, former city worker urges

From the Niagara Falls Review:

Niagara Falls should put the brakes on the purchase of buses for shuttling tourists around town and reconsider an electric trolley system before plans for the new people mover system leave the station, says former city employee Derek Costello.

But council members say their current people mover plan is affordable, will serve a wider area and is what the tourism industry wants now.

Electric trolleys are better for the environment than buses that burn fossil fuels. Their long-term maintenance costs are lower than buses with tires and moving parts have to be replaced more frequently than steel wheels or electric motors, Costello said.

“There’s such a strong movement (toward trolleys). It makes you think why, why, why buses?” Costello, a retired engineering technician, said. “A mistake is made forever. To amend a decision now is more prudent.”

One thought on “Reconsider trolleys, former city worker urges

  1. How about improving the abysmal transit we have in this city, starting with the firing of dawdling, terrible drivers.

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