New Niagara TV channel planned for November

From the St Catharines Standard:

A new group of investors plans to give Niagara its own television station by November.

Niagara Now TV is scheduled to begin programming on Cogeco digital cable in November, Peter Hayman, the chief executive officer for the Peninsula Broadcasting Corp., said at a regional council meeting Thursday.

“This is television for Niagarans, by Niagarans,” said Hayman, who added the channel will have its own news reporting staff but will also include “user-generated content” from residents.

“The three words of our mantra are fun, affordable and inclusive.”

Hayman said the group hopes to provide training and work opportunities for aspiring local journalists.

“Our young brain trust doesn’t have to leave the region,” he told councillors.

The channel will be available on the Internet and to residents who have Cogeco digital cable, Hayman said.

3 thoughts on “New Niagara TV channel planned for November

  1. This is well deserved for a region of almost half a million people, I think we have been waiting too long for this lol!

    Graham you should get in talks with them and line up a Niagara Tourism show of sorts, take you’re blog to the studio camera & tv screens! 😀

  2. I second the idea of Graham getting involved in some way. You have a high quality community blog with a presented from the people perspective.

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