This was a complaint that someone posted to Complaints Board. The person is being charged almost a thousand dollars because the TV in their room didn’t work after they stayed there. I can’t speak for whether the person is telling the truth or not, but they didn’t voice any other complaints against the hotel.

I’ve never heard of this site before, so I did a quick search for Niagara Falls. There were 3 pages of results, but nothing else that really jumped out at me. There were several complaints against Priceline and/or Expedia, but the rest of them were generally random complaints about random businesses. I wonder if anyone ever gets any results from complaining on this site, or if it just a place for people to rant…


  1. Something just does not sound right??? I work at a major hotel in the city we just eat the cost of the TV if it stops functioning UNLESS there is clear indication of damage that would take force to do then an investigation is done to decide if the guests will be billed and this goes for anything in the room. She is describing a section of the screen that just stopped working that is not physical damage that’s a malfunctioning TV that is beyond the guests control!

    And no hotel pays $1000 for plasmas/lcd’s they are bought in bulk for about $400-600 a pop!

    Her account of the TV is either very wrong and she did damage it possibly along with other stuff in the room to account for a nearly $1000 bill or Sheraton on the Falls just has very VERY poor judgment and is risking their reputation over something so trivial! I’d like to think Niagara Falls’s best rated award winning hotel would be smart about this and not just bill a guest for something that was not of their fault. Guests are given the benefit of the doubt especially in the hospitality industry.

    My conclusion… the guest is leaving out some very important details in their story.

    1. I know, it does sound odd. I hesitated including it, but I wanted to mention the site as well.
      I definitely agree that the guest is leaving our something important…

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