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    Hey, who’s that big guy talking about going for a walk at lunch? Hey, that’s me!!

    On Tuesday I chatted with Adam White of JMR Software Systems. He has been actively involved over the last few months with social media in Niagara Falls. He asked me a few weeks ago if we could talk about how the site started, and what my impressions were of what was happening in the social media field in Niagara Falls. The video clip is about 10 minutes long. Check it out!

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    1. That was an awesome interview, great job to Graham and Adam. You guys hit the nail right on the head with the value and growing popularity of social media. I can also completely relate to what you guys were talking about in terms of finding information about projects throughout the city, and how secretive companies can be… very archaic? Honestly it makes no sense to me at all, and I can’t tell you how many times I have been lied to about projects that I personally know about. If it wasn’t for this site you would have no idea what was happening around the tourist districts. Even as far as the city website goes, you can find little gems in there once in awhile, but it isn’t exactly well maintained or updated at times… if you don’t believe me just check out the Zehrs Super Store which has said (under construction) for over 4 years now? lol Again, great job Graham!

    2. Nice interview, it’s good to have a face and voice to relate to now.
      BTW, was Adam sitting down or are you very tall? 🙂

    3. Good interview guys! Both of you seemed to get more comfortable as the video went on.

      Graham it would be cool if every once in awhile you posted a video with you speaking in your walk around the city.

    4. bottom line – we enjoy this blog because Graham enjoys doing it. It’s easy to respond to that kind of enthusiasm.

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