Niagara family to appear on America’s Funniest Home Videos

From the Niagara Falls Review:

A seven-year-old girl’s hesitation on taking a spin on the Sky Screamer at Marineland netted a Niagara Falls family a trip of a lifetime.

Late last September, the Atkinson family – dad Tim, mom Ann Marie, and their kids Joannie, 9, Serge, 8, Kieran, 7, and Teagan, 6 – went to Marineland to get in some end of summer fun before a new school year began.

The family took three uneventful trips up the Sky Screamer, billed as one of the largest free fall tower rides in the world.

Ready to explore other rides and attractions, Tim gave the kids an option of going up one more time.

Three of the kids – Joannie, Serge and Kieran – opted for a fourth trip on the ride that uses compressed air to blast riders 320 feet into the air.

Digital camera in hand, Tim switched to video mode and focussed on the children.

Just before the ride launched, Kieran mumbled “I don’t like this ride.”

“I zoom in and say pardon me and she starts to say, ‘I don’t like this ri…’ but the ride goes up and all you hear is …riiiiiiiiiiiiddddeeeeeee!” Tim said.

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