Truck crash at Fallsview Casino entrance


    You may have heard about this on the news this morning. Apparently a truck that was trying to get away from the police crashed into the front doors of the Fallsview Casino.

    I stopped by the casino and they are already well on their way to getting things cleaned up:

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    1. i bet this accident was gambling related…this is just too funny hahaha too bad these incidents dont happen more often cause of all the gamblers who lost their life savings in that place…now the casino has to spend $$ to fix the doors and i wonder if the fountain has been rocked from it’s foundation.
      i hope it has i love to see Fallsview spent their own $$ to fix that shithole.
      Anyways, I hope that guy doesn’t plan to go there im sure his name has been flagged for life…they know who he is now cause of his facebook account.
      Easy there buddy:) hahaha

      • maybe before you start spewing garbage you should find out what the heck you’re talking about…this was not gambling related and people were hurt by this man…so i find nothing funny about the situation at all..and anyone that loses their life savings there have no one to blame but one put a gun to their head and forced them through the doors…i understand your hate for the corporation but regular people work there and could have been hurt by this fool

        • A lot of these “regular people” share the same cowardly and rapacious mentality of the corporation that they work for. It’s as if a company whose primary function is to take advantage of the flaws of weak minded people inevitably seeps it’s own brand of baseless arrogance and overall mean spiritedness into the minds of the people who are connected to it. With the way they degrade people in that place, if someone hypothetically smuggled in a semi-automatic weapon and laid out, like, 50-60 people, I would have to say it would be well deserved and long overdue.

          • Graham, I have every respect for freedom of speech, but when people spew malicious garbage like this, it has no place in any forum, let alone one like this.

            • I certainly understand your point Drafty. Thankfully there aren’t that many comments posted like this. I do want the site to be open, but I also don’t want it to become a place for people to complain about everything. I probably need to come up with a comment policy to address this sort of thing…

            • I apologize, for whatever my apology is worth to you. I was not suggesting murder, I was simply releasing negative thoughts. I certainly should have found a more suitable forum for such an expression. I do not regret writing my comment,however given the choice I would remove it, so that my insults are not further misappropriated.

    2. I don’t think he will have the opportunity to go to the casino since he crashed into it while being chased by police after attempting to murder his sister and nephew, so many many charges are being laid.

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