Old Notice of Public Meeting regarding Hilton parking

I’m a couple of months late on this, but I just saw the sign the other day. It was attached to the railing around the parking lot right at the corner of Stanley Ave and Murray St, right beside the old Hooters.

The City of Niagara Falls
Notice of Application and Public Meeting

Date: June 29, 2009 7:00 PM

An application has been submitted to the city to amend the zoning by-law.

To remove requirement for a convention centre in Hilton Hotel and to permit the majority of parking required for the Hilton Hotel to be provided offsite on land on the south-west corner of Stanley Ave and Murray St and lands west of Allendale Ave, Northland South, and Robinson St.


Anyone know anything about this?

4 thoughts on “Old Notice of Public Meeting regarding Hilton parking

  1. “To remove requirement for a convention centre” ?

    That’s not very clear… It seems to me that the Hilton might’ve put in a requirement to build a convention center, which, by the looks of it, someone wants it removed.
    And it seems that the Hilton has put in a request for additional land to provide parking space.

    Can you let me know in case you find something else out ??

    ~ Andi

  2. The convention center/auditorium is probably shelved due to the fact that a new convention center is being built just down the road. I am starting to wonder if some of this massive project has been scaled back some as well. The water fountain that was supposed to be a major focal point of the front of the building has I believe been replaced by shrubs and bushes. In their initial report the complex once completed would include a concert facility for 1,000 people, a spa, and an entertainment and retail area and a themed water recreation area. Not sure if any of this is still a go? But the renderings as is usually the case, seem a little more in depth then the finished product.

  3. All that stuff Lonny mentioned is still going to happen it’s just the next phase that is not going to start until next spring we been told. If you notice on the back of the new tower there are many concrete buttouts (not sure of the correct terminology lol) to support the new floors of the next phase and the parking garage is technically not finished because all that cool new entertainment stuff that will turn the hotel into a year round resort is going in the back on top of the parking garage.

    As for the water fountain out front that one is up in the air at the moment not sure if it’s going to happen or not. Also been told the Rain nightclub at the very top of the tower is on hold for now, how long I have no idea?

    We have 2 offsite parking lots nearby the one which has the sign Graham posted about on the corner of Stanley & Murry which is staff only and the other bigger one on Allendale Rd between Main & Robinson which is for staff and guests that parking lot I’m told is to get a makeover at some point.

  4. Hilton has a huge problem with valet parking, i stayed there in the summer I waited over 30 mins for the valet to get my car, some guests waited close to an hour! It’s crazy how poorly organized that hotel is, I will never stay there again unless i don’t have a car, I understand it’s a large hotel but so are the hotels downtown Toronto and they have the guest car ready under 10 mins. Hilton should let the guests park their cars them selves it would be a lot faster!

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