Parks commission ‘neglecting’ maintenance, citizens group alleges


    From the Niagara Falls Review:

    If Queen Victoria Park looks bad, all of Niagara Falls looks bad, says a citizens group concerned about what its members say is the deterioration of buildings, roads, sidewalks and streetlights on Niagara Parks Commission property.

    The Preserve Our Parks group acquired about 60 photographs of what its members call “neglect and deterioration” of the park.

    “We think the people have a right to see these photos. I think they’ll be appalled,” said Pat Mangoff, an organizer of the Preserve Our Parks group, a self-appointed watchdog group.

    2 Responses to “Parks commission ‘neglecting’ maintenance, citizens group alleges”

    1. Forget the NPC lands, Niagara Falls has some of the worst roads I have ever driven on in this province. And I used to live in Windsor and grew up in Sarnia… 2nd and 3rd in the worst roads category!!

    2. There are some bad ones for sure. Unfortunately, all the ones I can think of are Reqional roads, so the city can’t do anything about it other than complain tho the Region and hope they fix them.

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