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    More changes on Victoria Ave adjacent to new go-kart track

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    There used to be paving stones (interlocking bricks) along Victoria Ave near the top of Clifton Hill, as well as a grass area. Recently that was all dug up and the fence for the new go-kart development has been moved out closer to the street.

    Brink of Niagara Falls perfectly safe for spectators – as long as they follow the rules

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    From Bullet News Niagara:

    The steel railing and stone wall that divides tens of thousands of tourists from the beauty and power of Niagara Falls are almost always wet and slippery from the mist that routinely drifts out across the city.

    But the obvious potential for danger, the signs warning people to keep their feet on the sidewalk, constant reminders from police patrolling the area around Table Rock – even with all of that, some people can’t resist tempting fate.

    “We see it all the time,” said Niagara Parks Police Chief Doug Kane. “It’s very disturbing … very disturbing.”

    So even on a breezy August Monday afternoon, with three incidents serving as fresh reminders of the dangerous and deadly consequences, there they were, visitors scaling the barrier at the brink of the falls, anxious for that apparent metre or two of added closeness to one of the world’s greatest wonders.

    Parks commission ‘neglecting’ maintenance, citizens group alleges


    From the Niagara Falls Review:

    If Queen Victoria Park looks bad, all of Niagara Falls looks bad, says a citizens group concerned about what its members say is the deterioration of buildings, roads, sidewalks and streetlights on Niagara Parks Commission property.

    The Preserve Our Parks group acquired about 60 photographs of what its members call “neglect and deterioration” of the park.

    “We think the people have a right to see these photos. I think they’ll be appalled,” said Pat Mangoff, an organizer of the Preserve Our Parks group, a self-appointed watchdog group.

    More parking lost on Clifton Hill


    The old Niagara Marketplace on Clifton Hill used to have several parking spaces out front. When that building was torn down and the new Tim Hortons/Canada Trading Company/Galaxy Golf building was put up, the sidewalk was changed and the parking was removed. Well, the same thing has happened across the street at the upcomding Dave & Buster’s.


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