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    Summer Romance In Niagara Falls

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    Last week I received the latest email newsletter from the Falls Avenue Resort.


    Christmas windows painting on Clifton Hill

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    I’m a little late in posting this…

    If you have been to Clifton Hill over the last couple of weeks, chances are you’ve noticed windows at a lot of the attractions and stores with photos on them. Probably my favourite is on Boston Pizza. The artist painted pizza slices to look like Christmas trees 🙂






    Hamister says new hotel will have banquet room overlooking Niagara Falls

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    From the Lockport Union-Sun & Journal:

    Downtown visitors may have another view to enjoy after a proposed development project is completed.

    Mark Hamister, the CEO of the Hamister Group, said that his company’s planned hotel will have a top floor banquet room with access to a 5,000 square-foot patio overlooking the Niagara Gorge and Niagara Falls State Park.

    “We’re not going to just put the banquet center on the first floor in a box,” Hamister said. “We’re going to put the banquet center on the roof with windows.”

    Jamie Kennedy opens Windows

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    From CANOE.ca:

    One of Canada’s best-kept secrets is about to have its cover blown.

    The Niagara region, home to award-winning wineries, entertainment and the famed Falls, is also where farm-to-table eating has deep roots. The earth is rich in these parts with a bounty that includes an astonishing array of fruits, vegetables and the coveted black walnut, not to mention grapes that produce some of the world’s finest, award-winning wines.

    And now it’s the go-to place for sensational sustenance. Word is spreading fast.

    It started when renowned chef, author and TV host Massimo Capra planted his presence in The Rainbow Room by Massimo Capra on the Resort in the Falls.

    Now it’s Jamie Kennedy’s turn.

    My first trip to the Scotiabank Convention Centre

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    The Scotiabank Convention Centre has been open just short of a year now, and on Friday night I had the opportunity to go for the first time. We went to see the Busytown Busy show with our kids. I’ll write about that later, but for now, here are a few thoughts.

    • The convention centre is beautiful! I was actually quite surprised. I’ve been to a few other ones, and I kind of expected that this one wouldn’t be as nice as some of the others I’d been with, but I was wrong. It is gorgeous, and the limited part of the building that I saw was just as nice as any other one I’d been to.
    • There is a huge parking lot behind the convention centre. I wasn’t sure if we’d be charged for parking or not. We were, but it was only $2. On the one hand, it seemed like it was so low, why did they bother (it kind of felt like they were charging us just because they could). On the other hand, no one had a problem handing over a Twoonie instead of a $10 bill.
    • If you’ve seen the building, you know there are a lot of windows. It is great when you are inside to have all of the natural light coming in.
    • My wife couldn’t put in to words what she thought of the place, other than it was clean and modern, and it made you want to be there.
    • The performance we were there to see was in the Fallsview Theatre. I had heard previously about another show when there were audio problems, but on Friday the sound system was great. No complaints whatsoever.
    • The chairs in the theatre were quite comfortable
    • There was a surprising number of SCCN staff members around, and they were all very helpful

    I took a few pictures while I was there. As always, you can see the thumbnails below, and you can view them along with larger versions of the photos in the Scotiabank Convention Centre in March 2012 gallery.

    Christmas window art

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    A few years ago, it seemed that almost every store/attraction/restaurant in the Clifton Hill/Victoria Avenue area had Christmas-themed window paintings. I’m not sure what has happened, but this year and last year I think it was only the Ripley’s properties that did the paintings.

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