Would you go over the Falls in this barrel?!

The other day when out for a walk I went past Henri’s Motel. Out front they have a white barrel that is painted with the words: The original Hill’s Barrel July 1949 I supposed they are referring to Major Lloyd Hill who went over the Falls in a barrel on July 30, 1949. NiagaraFallsInfo.com has…

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ZAVITZ: Aero car has had an ‘exhilarating’ century

From the Niagara Falls Review: It was like a sunny island in the midst of gloomy seas — a happy news story at a time when most of the news, especially if it came from the European war front, was decidedly depressing. That “happy” story was on the front page of The Niagara Falls Review…

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Teens fall from jet boat into river

From the Associated Press (via WIVB Channel 4 in Buffalo as well as the Wall Street Journal): Authorities say three passengers fell from a jet boat into the lower Niagara River downstream of Niagara Falls and were pulled back aboard by the crew and other passengers. The Buffalo News says it happened Monday during a…

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