Could there possibly be a more dramatic backdrop for golf than Niagara Falls?

I don’t know how common this is, but I’ve never seen this before. The National Post has a sponsored article that is supposed to be “Special to the National Post”. It is essentially an ad for golfing at Niagara Parks Commission courses. Growing numbers of golfers come every year to gaze in awe at the…

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Five things a newcomer to Canada should try

From the Toronto Star: Since its inception in 1867, Canada has welcomed newcomers from all walks of life, although perhaps less enthusiastically in recent years. As millions prepare to celebrate the country’s July 1 birthday, here are some things that immigrants and visitors have to try while in the great white north… 4. Visit Niagara…

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Leave it to TV to rob falls act of its suspense

From the Buffalo News: Remember all of those rooms Niagara Falls hotels expected to book for Nik Wallenda’s dramatic tightrope walk? If they really want to protect the tourist attraction’s brand, they should offer full refunds to anyone who cancels after finding out the death-defying feat they thought they were coming to see will be…

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