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    “Notice of Application” for sign on Niagara Speedway property

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    There is a “Notice of Application” attached to the fencing around the Niagara Speedway (go-kart) property. You can see the notice here. It has to do with having a signer higher than is currently allowed.

    Fallsview Casino installs huge, high-definition LED billboard

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    From the Buffalo News:

    A high-definition LED sign 13 stories tall now drapes off the side of Niagara Fallsview Casino in Niagara Falls, Ont.

    The three-sided digital billboard is purported to be the largest of its kind in Canada.

    The new sign, which went into operation in mid-May, is roughly as tall as the static “Casino” sign that hung on the building since it opened 11 years ago, said Greg Medulun, director of communications for Fallsview.

    A couple of changes in the Great Canadian Midway

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    There are a couple of minor, but new, changes to the Great Canadian Midway on Clifton Hill. Near the entrance was a booth where you could buy tickets and get information. It used to be a circular booth. It has changed to be a square. There are now 2 people that can work in it.

    With the arrival of the new XD Theater, they have changed the sign on the outside of the building.

    Going to see Busytown Busy at Scotiabank Convention Centre


    Have you had a chance go to to the Scotiabank Convention Centre yet? I haven’t, but will very soon. Next Friday (a week from today), I will be going to see the Busytown Busy show with my family. We are quite excited. I’m looking forward to checking out the facilities, and my kids are looking forward to the show. It should be good.

    As a side note, I haven’t been by the convention centre for a while. I was yesterday, and it is the first time I’ve seen the new pixel board sign. It looks quite nice.


    The new Wyndham hotel is going to be a Wyndham Garden


    The posting from earlier today was actually a picture I took several days ago, and then scheduled to appear. Then yesterday when I was out walking I saw that they have a sign up now. It is going to be a Wyndham Garden. Not a bad guess on my part! 🙂

    You can visit their new web site at http://www.niagarafallswyndham.com/

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