The new Wyndham hotel is going to be a Wyndham Garden

The posting from earlier today was actually a picture I took several days ago, and then scheduled to appear. Then yesterday when I was out walking I saw that they have a sign up now. It is going to be a Wyndham Garden. Not a bad guess on my part! 🙂

You can visit their new web site at

4 thoughts on “The new Wyndham hotel is going to be a Wyndham Garden

  1. Do not bother with whoever answers the phone on the toll free number. They must hire people who don’t know anything. All they can tell you is from what the website says and what the your reservation cost is going to be which is outrageous especially for a 3.5 star hotel.

    I don’t trust this hotel at all.

  2. WOW! Don’t go in and personally ask or anything….the 800 number leads to a call centre in god knows where…..I’ve gone in and looked around and asked questions….it’s gorgeous and the staff is very friendly and knowledgeable….don’t start judging/slamming on the internet of all places before you actually do the work to find out what it’s all about

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