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    AC/DC Highway To Hell – Amore Pizza, Casino Niagara, Marineland Canada

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    Someone with a WordPress blog posted about a recent trip to Niagara Falls:

    We went for a drive, out to lunch then dinner in Niagara Falls, Ontario. They have revitalized the Queen Street area and Amore Pizza is there. Gorgeous, colorful decor, excellent gourmet pizza at a very reasonably (low) price!

    I could just go sit there and write all day if they would let me. I wish all cafes were as colorful and artistic as this place. Queen St is easy to reach from the Niagara Parkway (a few minutes from the falls) or from Victoria Ave (Clifton Hill, near the falls – The Casino) . Lots of great things to do here any day of the week.

    Discover Queen Street during Springlicious

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    From the Niagara Falls Review

    Last year, over 35,000 people were re-introduced to a revamped Queen Street during the inaugural Springlicious festival.

    “It was a big surprise,” said Don Weaver, owner of GPS Pursuits and chairman of Celebrate Old Downtown which is the special events wing of the downtown business association.

    “We didn’t realize there were that many local people out there who were still interested in seeing Queen Street.”

    Twelve months after the original Springlicious, the downtown core has continued to evolve and organizers are optimistic the festival’s return will once again revitalize the area.

    The second annual beer, wine and food festival will be held Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

    The Seneca is Back


    From the Niagara Falls Review

    Seneca Theater Rendering


    Close to 15 years after the curtain closed, the Seneca Theatre is back in business this week.

    And it took a savvy group of gypsies to pull it off.

    For nearly a year, Gypsy Theatre owners John Dalingwater and Bernadette Feeney have been transforming the abandoned former movie house into the city’s newest live theatre venue.

    The pay-off comes Thursday, when the Andrew Lloyd Webber classic Cats starts a four-week run, and a huge part of Queen Street’s revitalization gets underway.

    “I really feel part of a community on this street,” says Feeney, who started Gypsy Theatre with husband John 20 years ago in Fort Erie.

    “I truly believe (it will thrive). And the reason I believe that with all my heart is that every single business person (here) has passion for what they’re doing.

    “Because you enjoy what you’re doing, you put more into it.”

    The theatre is one of several Queen Street properties owned by Historic Niagara Development Inc., who have put just over $1 million into extensive renovations.

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