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    Top Ten Observations and Ramblings From My Vacation


    Someone with a Blogger blog posted about a recent trip to Niagara Falls:

    1) Niagara Falls is an interesting contrast:
    I can’t help but marvel at the commercialization of Niagara Falls. I mean, as I posted yesterday about the awesome NATURAL beauty of Niagara Falls. So, take a natural wonder, a gift to mankind from G-d, and what do we do? Of course! We milk it for all it’s worth. Let’s approach it from every direction. The first approach is from in the water, on the Maid of the Mist boat ride. Then, you can view Niagara Falls from above, in one of two towers or a giant Ferris wheel. You can walk right up to it, in the cave of the winds, and you can walk behind it, in the journey behind the falls. There are also helicopter rides, for the rich and daring. And that’s only the attractions that center around the actual falls.

    Niagara: It’s no longer wine vs. cheese

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    From the National Post:

    If Niagara Falls and Niagara-on-the-Lake were to be embodied by two grumpy old men and played in a movie, The Odd Couple would be the perfect film. Niagara Falls, uncouth, out-of-fashion and badly in need of a new coat of paint, would be Oscar; while Niagara-on-the-Lake would be Felix, stuck-up, tony and impossibly austere.

    “They do a good job for the high-end, wealthy Victorian type,” says R.T. (Ted) Salci, 60, mayor of Niagara Falls. “Our neighbours will pay $6 for a hot dog, but we don’t go for that here.”

    However, the lines between Oscar and Felix may be blurring. As Niagara Falls redevelops its downtown and Niagara-on-the-Lake lowers its rents and slashes prices, the twin tourist destinations less than two hours from Toronto are in the midst of a season of change.

    Falls fireworks return this weekend

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    From the St Catharines Standard:

    The Niagara Parks Commission, host of the longest-running fireworks series in Canada, has announced the season will officially begin Friday with the free Coca-Cola concert series starting at 8 p.m. at Queen Victoria Park’s illumination stage in Niagara Falls.

    This will be followed by the sights and sounds of the Pizza Pizza Falls Fireworks at 10 p.m.

    The parks commission will light up the skies every Friday, Sunday and holiday from Friday to Sept. 6.

    $15-million venue to open soon on Hill


    Not a huge surprise here as this Dave & Busters has been discussed on here for several months now. It says it should be completed in about 3 weeks, can’t wait to see the sign go up!

    From the Niagara Falls Review

    A $15-million restaurant complex under construction on Clifton Hill is quickly taking shape.

    The iconic street will soon be the home of a new Dave & Buster’s Restaurant and Amusement Centre, with a second one planned for the Fallsview area next year.

    “It will be truly unique and different from anything in the area,” said Wayne Thomson, spokesman for the Fallsview Group.

    Dave & Buster’s is an American franchise that has proven popular in the U. S. There is only one in Canada, located in Toronto.

    The property, at the corner of Oneida Lane on Clifton Hill, once housed the former Pilgrim Restaurant. It was purchased by Carmen Menechella of the Fallsview Group, representing a $15-million investment.

    The original plan was to renovate the existing structure, but it was in poor condition. Instead, the owners constructed a new three-storey building.

    “It’s a total entertainment destination,” said Thomson, noting it will have something for the entire family.

    He said it’s the kind of place where a family could attend a Christmas or birthday party, and while one parent sat in the sports bar with about 40 large-screen televisions, the children could play billiards, shuffleboard, basketball or all kinds of electronic video games.

    “It will have everything you can think of … It’s totally unique,” said Thomson.

    It’s expected the new facility will open in about three weeks.

    Convention Center expansion, complete article

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    From the Nashville Business Journal

    Graham had posted about this on Tuesday, unfortunately you have to subscribe to Buffalo Business First to have read the entire article. I just happened to be looking for something related, and came across the same article in its entirety at the Nashville Business Journal. Since Graham already posted the lead parts of the article, I will just add the link above.

    New sign at SE7EN nightclub

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    Here is a part of the write up found for the SEVEN Nightclub in the Fallsview district, they have recently added a  new sign facing Fallsview Blvd.

     Shining through the world famous Niagara Falls landscape, Club Seven in Niagara is a luxurious, upscale haven catering to a sophisticated clientele. Located at the intersection of Fallsview Blvd. and Robinson St., Seven Club in Niagara is the pinnacle of nightlife in Niagara. Showcasing a brick and beam loft style space housed in a warehouse dating back to the 1920’s, Club Seven brings a raw, industrial, New York feel to Niagara Falls. Boasting spacious 20ft high ceilings surrounded by authentic exposed brick and huge, picturesque windows, the ambiance is sexy, posh, and inviting.


    Looking forward to the future!


    Thank-you Graham.

    As Graham has mentioned. I have recently approached him about adding content to his site, simply to combine our efforts in keeping his visitors informed of the everyday changes (large or small) occurring throughout the tourist areas of Niagara Falls. My passion for Niagara Falls comes from a lifelong fascination with the falls themselves, as well as tall buildings and change itself. Although I did not grow up here, my memories of Niagara Falls are pretty much the same as all of Access Niagara’s visitors, in that we all share similar memories of the past. This is where I vacationed many times with my family growing up, as well as where I proposed to my wife in front of the Falls, and where I vacationed for the first time as a father. I look forward to this new venture, and I truly believe that this site will be the Niagara Falls go to site for the future.

    Lonny Bailey

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