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    My recent visit to Mystery Maze

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    I’m not sure how long it has been around for, but Mystery Maze at the end of Oneida Lane (just off Clifton Hill) in Niagara Falls is something I remember from many years ago. It has been spruced up a bit over the years (nothing new this year), but the basic premise is the same. You enter the maze and race to reach 4 checkpoints and then find the exit.

    A couple of weeks ago my family went. As we were walking towards it my 9-year-old daughter was terrified that see was going to get lost in the maze. I promised her it was safe, and that she could even crawl under the wall partitions if she needed to. Once we got inside, she was thrilled. She and I raced around trying to beat her two brothers.

    As you can see by the card at the end of this post, at each check point you are to stamp your card to prove that you found each checkpoint. Then you try to find the finish line. We found the four checkpoints very quickly, but then just couldn’t find the stairs to go up and get to the exit.

    Of course, my two sons decided to cheat… they found one of the walkways (the wrong one) and then just stepped over the railing. No fair!!

    It’s kind of funny… you pay money to go on an attraction, and then you try to finish it as fast as you can 🙂

    The attraction is kind of pricey on its own, but there is a combo pass that gets you a variety of admissions for $15-$35 (depending on how many attractions you want to go into).

    Check out the latest from Travelodge At the Falls

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    I recently received the latest newsletter from the Niagara Clifton Group (Travelodge at the Falls, Fun House, Brick City, etc)


    To sign up for the newsletter, click on the Join our Email List link at the top right of the Falls.com home page.

    Blue Moose Mining Company on Oneida Lane

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    You will recall that back in May there was a small new attraction on Clifton Hill called Blue Moose Mining Company. It lasted a month or two, and then it disappeared. It has now reappeared on Oneida Lane in front of Mystery Maze.


    Another Niagara Clifton Group discount card

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    Shortly after I found that beat up discount card for Niagara Clifton Group. This card is a slightly better deal. It gets you into Brick City, The Fun House, Mystery Maze, Bronto’s Adventure Playland, The Haunted House, and Guinness World Records Museum for $4.50 including tax (the other card was $4.99 plus tax).

    Discount card for Niagara Clifton Group

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    The other day I found a card on the ground from Niagara Clifton Group. It was the size of a business card, and with the card, you could get access to any of their attractions for only $4.99. The attractions include Brick City, The Fun House, Mystery Maze, Bronto’s Adventure Playland, The Haunted House, and Guinness World Records Museum. The card was pretty beat up, so I figured it would be expired, but the rate is good until December 31, 2011. I wonder who gets this card and why…

    On the back of the card was a buy one get one free offer for Bird Kingdom.

    Note: You may wonder why I put the text “Do Not Copy” on the images. I’ve actually had people try to print things off the web site and then take it to an attraction and try to use the printed coupon or discount code.

    President of Niagara Clifton Group has passed away


    I saw this notice in the paper on Saturday. Charles Dudley Davenport Burland, the President of Beefeater Niagara Limited/Niagara Clifton Group passed away last week. Niagara Clifton Group operates the Mystery Maze, Brick City, and several other attractions and a hotel.

    My condolences go out to the Burland family.

    From Frightening to Fun, Niagara Events Have It All This Halloween

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    From a PRWeb press release seen on Yahoo! News:

    Halloween is not for the faint of heart in Niagara Falls with ghoulish Niagara events all around the popular districts of Clifton Hill, Fallsview Boulevard and Lundy’s Lane.

    Clifton Hill is the destination for family fun on Halloween with attractions such as the House of Frankenstein, Mystery Maze and the Crystal Caves. The district is also the home of Nightmares Fear Factory, the longest running haunted house in North America, built on the site of the once industrious Cataract Coffin Factory where eccentric proprietor Abraham Mortimer was killed and is said to still walk the halls seeking revenge. For over 30 years, the attraction has been scaring, thrilling and challenging guests to survive, with over 100,000 chickening out and heading for the exits.

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