Discount card for Niagara Clifton Group

The other day I found a card on the ground from Niagara Clifton Group. It was the size of a business card, and with the card, you could get access to any of their attractions for only $4.99. The attractions include Brick City, The Fun House, Mystery Maze, Bronto’s Adventure Playland, The Haunted House, and Guinness World Records Museum. The card was pretty beat up, so I figured it would be expired, but the rate is good until December 31, 2011. I wonder who gets this card and why…

On the back of the card was a buy one get one free offer for Bird Kingdom.

Note: You may wonder why I put the text “Do Not Copy” on the images. I’ve actually had people try to print things off the web site and then take it to an attraction and try to use the printed coupon or discount code.

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