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    Falls featured in new film opening Friday

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    From the St Catharines Standard:

    Niagara Falls is the backdrop for an award-winning Canadian drama opening at the Niagara Square Cinemas Friday.

    “Mary Goes Round,” the debut feature from Toronto director Molly McGlynn, stars Aya Cash (“You’re the Worst”) as a substance abuse counselor named Mary who loses her job and driver’s license because of a drinking problem. She’s then asked to meet her estranged father in her hometown of Niagara Falls, who is dying and hopes to see her connect with her teenaged half-sister who she has never met.

    20160620 Trip to Ripley’s Moving Theater

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    One week ago my family headed out to check out the Ripley’s attractions in Niagara Falls. These include Louis Tussaud’s Waxworks, Ripley’s Moving Theater, and Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Odditorium. Our second stop was Ripley’s Moving Theater.

    Ripley's Moving Theater logo

    Note: To view a few images from our trip, visit the 20160620 Trip to Ripley’s Moving Theater – Image Gallery posting.

    [peg-image src=”https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-BK7hVl7LnT4/V21NVDhsAKI/AAAAAAAAAYc/J16JWequgnENwIl5UQitDCVQjwNFkZbwgCHM/s144-o/20160620_183026%25280%2529.jpg” href=”https://picasaweb.google.com/109947520709267474738/6299777603634047985#6299776477880385698″ caption=”” type=”image” alt=”20160620_183026(0).jpg” image_size=”3024×4032″ peg_single_image_size=”w80″ peg_img_align=”right” peg_img_style=”float: right; margin-left: 5px;margin-bottom: 5px;margin-right:5px;margin-top:5px;” ] Ripley’s Moving Theater is at the top of Clifton Hill at the corner of Victoria Ave. It used to be the location of the old Houdini Magical Hall of Fame. The attraction consists of rows of motion simulator seats that are meant to make it feel like you are in a roller coaster. There are lots of different technologies used for these sorts of simulators, but the major player in the business is SimEx-Iwerks. These used to be two separate companies, but merged several years ago.

    [peg-image src=”https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-0U_Q59_WroM/V21NVAbXCwI/AAAAAAAAAYc/aO2QL5XOvegnkRd5z9beM7MNkCK2goUaACHM/s144-o/20160620_190526.jpg” href=”https://picasaweb.google.com/109947520709267474738/6299777603634047985#6299776477048539906″ caption=”” type=”image” alt=”20160620_190526.jpg” image_size=”3024×4032″ peg_single_image_size=”w80″ peg_img_align=”left” peg_img_style=”float: left; margin-left: 5px;margin-bottom: 5px;margin-right:5px;margin-top:5px;” ] I have to admit that I am not really a fan of roller coasters, but don’t mind motion simulators. However, my experience with them is limited. I’ve mostly been on high-end/expensive simulators at Universal Studios Florida or Universal’s Islands of Adventure. Obviously it is unfair to compare Ripley’s Moving Theater to The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man!

    The ride itself uses some old technology. There appeared to be four rows of ten connected seats. Each row moves independently from the row ahead or behind it. The ride was kind of jerky, but that didn’t bother my kids. They quite enjoyed the ride, and thought the movements of the rows matched up well with the movies. However, they did think that the movies could be improved. The first movie was called Monkey Madness and the second movie was called Ultimate Roller Coaster. The Monkey Madness video was supposed to also have some effects. I believe there were supposed to be air and/or mist, but we didn’t experience any in our seats. I’m not sure about the other rows.

    Ripley’s Moving Theater has a target audience, but if you like that sort of simulator then I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. I doubt that many people will buy an individual admission for it. Most people will get the attraction as part of the 3 Attraction Flex Ticket. The difference in price between the 2 Attraction and 3 Attraction Flex Ticket is only $3, so that is by far the best deal. At the time of this write-up, individual admission to Ripley’s Moving Theater on their website for adults is $13.99, seniors $10.99 and children $7.99. Be sure to check out the Ripley’s web site for the latest information.

    Note: To view images from our visit, visit the 20160620 Trip to Ripley’s Moving Theater – Image Gallery posting

    Niagara Oscar winner made Superman fly

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    From the Niagara Falls Review:

    In a way, Colin Chilvers owes his Oscar-winning film career to a pipe that wouldn’t explode…

    Within a decade, Chilvers faced a much more difficult task as the special effects supervisor on Superman: The Movie.

    For the film to work, Christopher Reeve’s Superman had to appear to actually fly. In an age before digital effects, past attempts to make a live action Superman, including the George Reeves TV show, were unable to do it well.

    “In fact, when I first got the script for Superman, I thought ‘How in the hell are we going to make this work?’” Chilvers said.

    Niagara Falls Benefiting from Movie Productions

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    From WNED:

    Communities spend millions of dollars on tourism promotion, using everything from newspaper ads to the web.

    For some communities, there are tourism opportunities which are beyond price, especially movies.

    That’s why Niagara Falls, Ontario officials are excited about the movie “The Black Marks” with Matt Dillon, Kurt Russell and Terence Stamp being shot in and around the Clifton Hill tourism area.

    Kurt Russell movie shooting in the Falls

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    As I tweeted yesterday, there is a movie shooting in Niagara Falls. It stars Kurt Russell, Matt Dillon, and others. WIVB Channel 4 in Buffalo and the Niagara Falls Review both reported on it.

    Novel peers over the edge

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    From Niagara This Week:

    As a highly successful fantasy writer, Chris Van Allsburg knows first-hand that the only limitation on a great story is one’s imagination.

    But when it comes to dabbling in reality, the renowned children’s novelist and illustrator had to peer over the edge and simply hope for the best with his latest project — Queen of the Falls.

    “I was worried at first, but Annie’s life was very interesting,” said Van Allsburg, who grew up in East Grand Rapids, Michigan, and developed a fascination with Niagara Falls during the early 1970s.

    The “Annie” in question was Annie Edson Taylor — a 63-year-old charm school teacher and widow who became the first and only woman to complete a solo run over the falls back in 1901.

    Cool! Chris Van Allsburg also wrote Jumanji and The Polar Express. Obviously both were made into movies. It’d be cool to have a “popular” movie about something in/around Niagara Falls…

    Filming a movie in Niagara Falls


    As you’ve heard, there is a movie filming in Niagara Falls that started today. The movie is called “A Beginner’s Guide to Endings” and apparently stars Dennis Hopper (even though he is currently undergoing treatment for prostate cancer).

    I saw some actual filming today (“Action!, Cut!”), but I didn’t recognize anyone. They were filming at the entrance to Dracula’s Haunted House.

    Here are some pictures of what I saw today:

    Pylons on Clifton Hill

    Sign at the Ripley’s driveway

    Trucks in the parking lot of the Comfort Inn Clifton Hill

    Equipment out on Clifton Hill


    Crew at Dracula’s Haunted House

    Movie looking for Niagara Falls extras

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    From the Niagara Falls Review:

    A feature film shooting in Niagara Falls next week is looking for extras.

    And they’re giving you a chance to win a new TV just for showing up.

    Cast and crew for the comedic drama “A Beginner’s Guide to Endings” will be filming around the region for the next four weeks. The film stars Tricia Helfer (“Battlestar Galactica”), JK Simmons (“Spider-man”) and Jason Jones (“the Daily Show”).

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