Filming a movie in Niagara Falls

As you’ve heard, there is a movie filming in Niagara Falls that started today. The movie is called “A Beginner’s Guide to Endings” and apparently stars Dennis Hopper (even though he is currently undergoing treatment for prostate cancer).

I saw some actual filming today (“Action!, Cut!”), but I didn’t recognize anyone. They were filming at the entrance to Dracula’s Haunted House.

Here are some pictures of what I saw today:

Pylons on Clifton Hill

Sign at the Ripley’s driveway

Trucks in the parking lot of the Comfort Inn Clifton Hill

Equipment out on Clifton Hill


Crew at Dracula’s Haunted House

4 thoughts on “Filming a movie in Niagara Falls

  1. my daughter just called me from the falls..from her hotel..she can see that the lights are all off on the skywheel and it’s not moving..wonder if it has to do with the movie shoot?…she’s heading to the hill now..maybe she’ll find out more….


    1. yup..apparently that was it..they were clearing away pylons and the wheel was all lit up and running again…

      nuthin like answering yur own question eh?…lol


  2. I saw them filming a scene on Main St. at the very gungy & sketchy Dupeen Bar… what a crappy place to film at but I guess it suits a scene for the movie lol, I can’t wait to see this movie!

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