Niagara Falls in Futurama (Overclockwise)

My kids recently binge-watched the entire TV series Futurama. I liked the series a lot when it was on originally, and it was nice to laugh at some of things again.

I had forgotten, but there is one episode that has a Niagara Falls connection. In the Overclockwise episode (see also here and here) of season six, Bender the robot gets overclocked. This is where you change some settings for the CPU to make it run faster than it should. This often results it the CPU getting hotter than normal, so Bender needed a way to cool down. He ended up going to Niagara Falls!

I found a copy of the episode on Dailymotion. If you go ahead to the 10:40 mark, you’ll see the Niagara Falls clip.

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