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    The unofficial start of Summer 2017

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    As you are probably aware, the two May holiday weekends (Victoria Day weekend in Canada, Memorial Day weekend in the US) marks the unofficial start of the summer tourists season here in Niagara Falls. I haven’t heard or read anything specific about what sort of business levels people are expecting this year, but I would definitely assume that people will continue to flock to Niagara Falls.

    • The zipline will have a full summer in operation
    • The Big Top attraction on Clifton Hill will open
    • The new developments by Kelsey’s will open (Niagara Speedway, Funnel Cakes, etc)
    • The Canadian dollar is weaker, so more Americans should be coming

    Here’s hoping it is a great year for everyone!

    Tourist season kicks off

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    From the Niagara Gazette:

    This weekend the prime tourist season started with most visitors likely arriving from the Canadian side of the river.

    Over there, the long Victoria Day weekend celebrates the birthday of Queen Victoria of England. Banks, schools and government offices will be closed in Ontario on Monday.

    Traffic should be backed up at the international bridges as Canadians hop across to shop with their higher-valued currency. On Friday, that dollar was worth $1.03 (U.S.).

    That hurts, if you happened to be stuck in Canada with your American buck. Chances are an Ontario merchant smugly told you that your Yankee dollar was worth 90 cents. (It’s called payback time.)

    Next weekend, many of us will be off Monday to observe our Memorial Day holiday.

    Unofficial start of Summer 2011


    Yes, Summer doesn’t start until June 21, but this weekend and next weekend are the unofficial start of Summer in the tourist area of Niagara Falls. I would think that generally the industry likes it when Memorial Day and Victoria Day fall on different weekends, like this year.

    It doesn’t seem like much was done over the winter that will be noticeable. There are some hotels and restaurants that changed names, but very little construction. Probably the one big one is Dinosaur Adventure Golf. It sure looks like it will open soon. The dinosaurs look amazing. The only drawback is that it will take a couple of years for the plants and trees to mature and give it a nicer “jungle” sort of look.

    Based on the people I’ve seen around on the weekends in the last month or so, it seems like this summer could be strong. Let’s hope so!

    The unoffical start to summer 2010

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    I guess this weekend and next constitute the unofficial start of summer. Yes, I know that summer doesn’t start until June 21, but traditionally, the Victoria Day and Memorial Day weekends are the first long weekends when the weather is warmer and people want to get out. The temperature is going to be great this weekend, but we could get some rain on Saturday. The long range forecast for next weekend looks good at this point.

    Here’s to a successful summer full of fun times, good weather, and exciting developments!

    Hilton to tower over Niagara Falls, Ont.

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    From Buffalo Business First:

    The Hilton Niagara Falls will mark the traditional start of the peak summer tourism season in a big way.

    The Niagara Falls, Ont., hotel will be welcoming the first guests to its $200 million, 59-story wing on May 22, the start of the U.S. Memorial Day weekend. The wing will be home to 500 suites, plus restaurants and a top-floor nightclub.

    At 59-stories, the Hilton’s new wing is the tallest hotel in Canada and with 1,000 rooms the Hilton will be one of the largest in Canada.

    “We’ve had a huge response,” said Anthony Annunziata, Hilton vice president of marketing and development. “It reinforces our decision to do this project.”

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