Unofficial start of Summer 2011

Yes, Summer doesn’t start until June 21, but this weekend and next weekend are the unofficial start of Summer in the tourist area of Niagara Falls. I would think that generally the industry likes it when Memorial Day and Victoria Day fall on different weekends, like this year.

It doesn’t seem like much was done over the winter that will be noticeable. There are some hotels and restaurants that changed names, but very little construction. Probably the one big one is Dinosaur Adventure Golf. It sure looks like it will open soon. The dinosaurs look amazing. The only drawback is that it will take a couple of years for the plants and trees to mature and give it a nicer “jungle” sort of look.

Based on the people I’ve seen around on the weekends in the last month or so, it seems like this summer could be strong. Let’s hope so!

9 thoughts on “Unofficial start of Summer 2011

  1. Graham,

    Karen and I just got back from the Falls….Sunday. Yesterday, it was solid humanity there!!! Main parking lot was closed and so was the Greenhouse lot……filled to capacity……nowhere to park!!!! Dufferin Island was jammed!!!

    1. Wow, sounds like business was good! Saturday was gorgeous, and it only rained a bit in the morning on Sunday. I avoided the area as I figured it would be busy.

  2. We are going June 5-7th. Aunt and her Boyfriend are coming from NJ so we are showing them around. Aunt has not been to NF since Maple Leaf Village. Hoping to show them some new stuff. I know that weekend might be real busy as well as Hampton was booked 6/6 and 6/7. Anyone with Restaurant suggestions it would be appreciated.

    1. What price range and atmosphere you looking for? NF has a style and a price for everyone. Flying Saucer to Watermark

      1. I am looking for a restaurant in midrange in the Clifton Hill Area. Roughly I guess that might put it in the $15-$20 per meal per person range. Of course cheaper is always better. I have eaten away from Clifton Hill and had a great meal (Flying Saucer, Four Brothers, Betty’s) but they want to stay in walking area. Not looking for a restaurant they can eat at home. (Applebees, Denny’s, TGIF etc.) Looking for places with a good reputation, good amount of food for the money, nice experience, etc.

  3. Lisa…… Sorry, can’t help you out with the restaurants in the Clifton Hill area. We mainly stay away from that area so the restaurants we frequent require a driving distance. However, some of our very favorites are Falls Manor Restaurant, way up Lundy’s Lane, (Best breakfast in town!), Mick ‘n’ Angelo’s, further up Lundy’s Lane, Mandarain (Chinese Buffet) at Niagara Square (Incredible and a 20% discount for Seniors) and Zappi’s (Good Pizza!) corner of Stanley and Dunn. Good luck and have fun….it is what it’s all about!!!!

  4. Both Boston Pizza and Kelsey’s on Clifton Hill are reasonable. Around the top of the Hill: Spicy Olive, Antica Pizza, Montana’s, New York Restaurant (Chinese).

  5. Drafty,
    Curious of your opinion. Who has better pizza Boston Pizza or Antica? I have has Boston Pizza many times and enjoy each visit but, have never gone to Antica but hear so many good things.

  6. Antica’s is thin crust, wood oven baked whereas Boston’s is thicker crust electric oven baked. I think prices are fairly comparable, so it really depends on what type of pizza you like. I, personally, prefer thick crust, so would pick Boston BUT, I certainly wouldn’t refuse one from Antica :-). And they both have lots of other things on the menu besides pizza.

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