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    Enjoy a Romantic Retreat This Fall!

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    Last week I received the latest email newsletter from Falls Avenue.

    Room rates skyrocket for Wallenda walk


    From the Niagara Falls Review:

    The average price of a Fallsview hotel room will double on June 15, the day Nik Wallenda walks across Niagara Falls on a tightrope, according to a survey of select hotel websites.

    The Review compared the price of a standard room, with two queen-sized beds, with a view of the falls on June 15, to the price of the same room the Friday before and after the event.

    The price jumps 100% from June 8 to 15 — $208 to $415 — then drops back down to an average of $248 the following Friday.

    “If there’s a spectacular event coming to the city, the demand for rooms is certainly going to increase,” said Wayne Thomson, who works for the Fallsview Group, which operates some of the high-rise hotels in the Fallsview district.

    “Is that shocking or unusual? No. In the summertime, rates go up substantially. It’s supply and demand. Obviously people will shop around to try and find the best rate.

    “If two weeks before the event rooms are not filled, then you will see a decline (in price). Ultimately, they want to fill the rooms.”

    Cascade Inn renovations?


    Not exactly sure what they are doing at the Cascade Inn, but they do have a few of the balconies taken down with some rooms boarded up. The owners of this hotel I believe are the same owners as the Skylon Tower and the claim to fame that they hold near and dear, is that they are the closest Inn to the Falls… which is precisely why this old place needs an overhaul.

    Cascade Inn

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